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  1. anonymous

    My son has been going since past 4 months and I am very happy to have chosen Kidz. It was not easy for my son to get accustomed to the new environment since he had been under the care of my parents since the beginning. But the staff and director ensured that he gets all due attention and care. Foremost, the staff is very understanding and they show lot of concern and lend a ear to what you say. I am very happy with the way they conduct their child care duties. Now, as I have joined work, I feel very relaxed because I know my son will be well taken care of. My son does not give much trouble in eating now and likes to eat on his own when at home. They have a series of activities in the morning and the children get good learning exposure. Secondly, if the child does not like anything they show their resentment and as parents we know then that something is wrong with the child or he is not happy. My son always feels good in the morning when he gets ready for his day care. And I feel pleased to see this expression on his face. If the child is getting love and care, he will be happy and in good spirit. I THANK his teachers and the director who put in so much effort in providing such a homely environment to children and shaping these tiny-tots into disciplined beings.

  2. anonymous

    My daughter enjoys going to Kidz Academy, on the weekends she seems disappointed that school isn’t in session. Yes I was a little upset over the constant change of staff, but I love to see the smile on my daughters face when we pull into the driveway. Or when she tells me she had a GREAT day with the other kids at Kidz Academy.

  3. anonymous

    The place looks small from the outside, but it has a lot more room once you come inside. Also the backyard play area is decent. Our daughter has been attending for over a year now. She started at 1 with part time attendance. They are the most flexible part time preschool that I found and we evaluated a few before deciding on this one. They have a kitchen and all the meals are included in the pricing, which means your kids get fresh prepared food and you don’t have to pack it. They start potty training as early as the parent’s desire, some other places make you wait till the kids are in older groups (2.5 in Action Day). They did have some of the teachers turn over in the last few months, staring with a new director. I was a little worried, but turned out the new staff is bringing new ideas and is more open to suggestions. My daughter continues to like going to school and is learning and developing. They do lots of art projects, singing songs, and book reading.

  4. anonymous

    No matter where you go in the Childcare realm, there is turnover. The new director, Tera, has been wonderful. The teachers are patient and loving. You can’t beat the love and care in the infant room. Ms. Greta has been WONDERFUL! She has watched over both my babies until they were two. I know there are some new teachers, but I drop in and check up on my kids unannounced and have consistently seen that my children are listening, learning, and laughing. They enjoy going to school. The owners are staying “hands off” and letting the professionals do the thing they do best… help us parents raise our kids to be good people.

  5. anonymous

    I’m happy that I decided to send my child to this childcare. My child is only 2 years old and we want him to learn social skill at this young age and to expose him to an environment where he can play with same age children. I have visited some school with Montessori method and I like this school better because from the first time I entered the room, it feels different than most of preschool classrooms. They make the classroom more like how we set up room at our house. They do offer activities like art and craft, they even have what they call circle time where children sit together and they do different activities such as letter, number and shape introduction, they sing and dance together..:) The teachers are all friendly and they always greet us every morning when we drop off our son. That makes me feel safe to leave our son there for few hours every day. Most importantly, he is excited to go to ‘school’ every day!

  6. anonymous

    Most caring staff in Santa Clara County – I had my son at this facility. He has a developmental disability and the staff here treated him with the same care and love that all of the other children received. The director treated his older brother like he was another of her students. The boys both loved it here and they loved the people.

    The owner isn’t crude or rude – she is direct. She also has a heart. The director is beyond compare. The facility is fabulous. And although the church is not my denomination, I never felt ANY pressure at all to follow that particular church. I felt that It was a facility within a church. And the staff treat it that way.

    We moved to the Central Valley and obviously taking them here was no longer convenient, regretfully. If we ever move back up to the Bay Area you can bet I will take them back to Kidz Academy. My biggest regret is that my youngest won’t get an opportunity to go to this wonderful, stimulating, caring place.

  7. anonymous

    Room 2 fruit kabobsAwesome loving ladies – These ladies have been watching my son for the past year and I could not say a bad thing about them they are compassionate, rule abiding and the really care about your kids. I see the love the show toward my son they are happy to see him and I have stopped by during odd hours and never could find anything wrong. They also take government programs, very helpful.

  8. anonymous

    I did a tour of the school/daycare a few weeks ago, from the moment I walked in I loved it. My children just started yesterday and they are so happy there. Neither of them cried when I dropped off. Usually my youngest would cry every day for a year at the previous place. When I picked up my son wanted to stay and he never wanted to be at school before. Even before he went to bed he wanted to make sure he was going to his “new” school. I know it seems a little soon to write a review but they are everything we have been looking for. ALL of the staff members are friendly, loving and caring and treat my children as if they were theirs. I will be said when my son has to leave to kindergarten.

  9. anonymous

    My twin boys have been going to this school for 6 months and I am very pleased with it. The teachers are excellent and very friendly. My sons have learned so much in the little time being here. I recommend this school to any parent that wants their child to grow and have a loving atmosphere.

  10. anonymous

    I love this daycare my son has been going there since he was 5months old and this is his last year he loves everyone there and they have helped him grow so much it’s a wonderful school and I totally will take my future children there!

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